Online Gambling Games

By 12 June 2020

With casinos packed with thousands of online games and features, it might be overwhelming when faced with the many ways and opportunities to win real money from the casino. Here we discuss all the range of options when it comes to online gambling games and give you some tips to succeed.

Get a Head Start with the Right Casino

To be able to enjoy the best services of an online casino, you need to be backed by an operator that has set their business up with the correct tools and importantly, the rights legal processes. With our friends, you at able to select which casino is best suited for you with ease. They have compiled a list of online gambling sites that are legally allowed to provide a service inside of South Africa and are backed by licensing from government bodies such as the UK Gambling Commission. These casinos were racked to give you the best choice of games because they are also regulated by independent authorities that have deemed them to comply with the regulation standards of safety and fair play.

These casinos have had all their games tested and verified as being honest products for members to play on, and it is this which makes playing at legal sites vitally important.

Win a Fortune Inside Online Casinos

Before you click here to take a look at more of the games which are available to players that are based in the South African regions, we are going to give you a brief breakdown of what you can expect to face regardless of which casino you do finally choose to play inside. Note that you are able to select more than one casino if you wish and that your time playing can be done from any device including mobiles.

When looking at a typical casino that has all the highest qualities, the game count can be enormous. On average, you will get approximately 500 games, they will be broken into categories that make the navigation more simpler. You will have a section which is the general ‘Casino’ games, likes slots and virtual machines. A section called ‘Live Casino’ which holds all the live dealer games which are streamed. And another section which contains the ‘Sports Betting’ options.

The Games:

When it comes to slot gaming, these dominate every casino online. They are the most popular because they are fast and easy to play and contain the highest prizes of any game within the domain.

Slot options provide the progressive jackpot option. These games are the jewel of the casino, with prizes hitting in excess of over a million per game.

When playing card games, you have the classic choices, Blackjack, Baccarat and Poker. Each game has a number of variants such as Caribbean Stud and Texas Hold ‘Em. These card games can be played in both a virtual and live format and are classed as the fairest of games to play, given the very tiny percentage difference called the house edge.

Table games invite players to play some old classics and some very new emerging alternatives which are dominating the market now. Here you can play Craps, Sic Bo, Roulette, Deal or No Deal, Monopoly Live and the now very popular Dream Catcher. Again, all are available live or as a virtual machine.

Tips to Help You Succeed Playing

Here are some tips to bear in mind whilst playing and before playing, to help you see the bigger picture and achieve better chances of winning from the online gambling games you have.

  1. Bonuses are available and should be taken advantage of because they provide insurance and that extra cash or free spins, could be the edge and tipping point of you winning a jackpot or someone else winning it.

  2. Cards are the better game for a more even chance of winning, the house has a typical 1.46% over a player. But your chances are better when playing live card games as opposed to machines because they work off of a different programming method.

  3. If you love slots, then the best games to play are those listed in the menu as new and those which are popular or favourites. The more ‘popular’ a game is the more likely it will payout because of the algorithms used, which essentially tells the machines to payout more when the right amount of money has been paid in.